one of the bedrooms in the Apartamentos en Merida

Apartamentos en Merida (Spain) – A Review

If our post “Roman Sights in Mérida, Spain” made you want to see this interesting city, you might be wondering where to stay while you’re there.

Even though we were stopping in Mérida for just one night, we still wanted to get a place bigger than just one hotel room, and luckily for us Apartamentos en Mérida, available through TripAdvisor, had a vacancy at that time and allowed us to stay just one night, even though in the summer they usually require a two-night stay.

The apartment is just a short walk from the Teatro and Anfiteatro Romano, and while it does not have a designated parking spot, we found parking on Calle Pizarro within the same block. Make sure you have a map or a GPS with you while you make your circles looking for a parking spot – most of the nearby streets are one way, and not all are in a square pattern.

Distance from Apartamentos Merida to Teatro and Anfiteatro Romano
Distance from Apartamentos Merida to Teatro and Anfiteatro Romano

Since we had food with us, we didn’t need to look for the closest grocery store, but there are two bakeries right in the square, where you can have breakfast, as well as several cafés open late into the night.

The owner of the apartment speaks only Spanish, but if you don’t know Spanish, you can use Google translate to understand her messages. We initially communicated with her through TripAdvisor, and she was very prompt in replying, and answering our questions. Then we switched to email and texting after the initial contact.

We paid for the reservation through PayPal, but I see that you can now pay for that apartment through TripAdvisor through their Payment Protection plan.

That one night in a two-bedroom apartment at the end of June 2014 cost us a mere €65 for the night, ($88 in June 2014 US dollars, or $71 as of today, March 9, 2015). We also had to pay a €50 security deposit that was very promptly returned after our stay.

For €65 a night you get two bedrooms, a smallish living room, a bathroom with a typical European deep bathtub, and a fully equipped kitchen.

kitchen in the Apartamentos en Merida
kitchen in the Apartamentos en Merida

The kitchen has a full size fridge, a four-burner stove top, a microwave, and a front loading washer. One thing it does not have is a dishwasher, so you’ll have to wash the dishes by hand.

The apartment also has an AC unit, which was a blessing since the day we visited it was very hot.

The owner’s daughter was waiting for us in the apartment when we arrived, and buzzed us into the fairly modern building. There is a short flight of steps before you get to the elevator, so the place is not suitable for people with limited mobility, but it was fine for us. The kids even preferred racing up the stairs all the way to the apartment, to see if they can beat the elevator that my husband took with the suitcases.

The bedrooms are nicely furnished, though one is a bit quirky – it does not have its own outside window. The window it does have opens onto the other bedroom. I probably would hate living in a bedroom without a real window for a longer period of time, but my son didn’t mind spending one night in the room.

one of the bedrooms in Apartamentos en Mérida
One of the bedrooms. The window on the left actually looks out into the purple room on the other side of the wall.

Even though that bedroom has a single bed, it could sleep two, since there’s another mattress that pulls out from underneath.

My daughter loved the décor of the other bedroom, pictured at the beginning of the post, because of it’s purple accessories. That room has a balcony-type window looking out onto the square below.

The information about the apartment says it sleeps six, and that is correct – the futon style sofa in the living room opens into a wide bed, that needs to be folded for the day, however, or there will be no room left to walk around, and to get to the “pink” bedroom.

The living room at Apartamentos Mérida
the living room at Apartamentos Mérida

The white “side” table you see by the wall in a photo above is actually a dining table, which when opened gives you enough eating space for the family. That’s why there are four chairs stacked in the corner – they go with the dining table.

While I think most American families used to much bigger space would call this place cramped, this is how Europeans live – space is very valuable and you learn to use folding dining tables and futons in your day-to-day life.

the living room from a different angle
the living room from a different angle

All in all, I’d say Apartamentos en Merida was a perfect place for our stay in Merida.

14 thoughts on “Apartamentos en Merida (Spain) – A Review”

  1. I think if I only wanted the apartment for a day or two I would agree that this size doesn’t necessarily matter but for a longer stay I would prefer more space. I like open plan living and think it is something that is slowly being introduced more across Europe to maximise the space, therefore I am not sure this is the place for us but it is great to know that the booking was smooth and that you could communicate easily through Tripadvisor something I haven’t considered before.
    Tam Gamble recently posted…Experiencing the Culinary Delights of Apex Off The Wall, LondonMy Profile

    1. Thank you for reading, Tam! I don’t know if I’d book this place for a whole week, but for one night it was fun, and yes, TripAdvisor seems to work hard on making vacation rentals easier and more peace of mind for the renters.

    1. Thank you for reading, Patti! Yes, that room was definitely very girly and cheerful, and much more interesting than most hotel rooms.

    1. Thank you for reading, Els! Yes, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, VRBO, and HomeAway are all vacation rentals and I usually check all of them when planning a trip. If a property is listed in several places, with a bit of comparison shopping you can get a better price at VRBO for instance than TripAdvisor, because TripAdvisor’s fees are higher.

    1. Thanks for reading, Andrew! Yes, at that price, especially nowadays when the dollar is so strong, that’s a pretty good option.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jessica! Yes, modern technology and a bit of a mind set shift makes it much easier to travel, though Google translate still sometimes does funny things, but it’s better than random hand waving. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of renting an apartment if I’m staying for longer, and I did it twice when I was travelling with my boyfriend’s family. But it was so weird because it didn’t feel like home and didn’t feel like a hotel, either. So I’d rather just stay somewhere with a more ‘neutral’ atmosphere, if you know what I mean. Because for me staying in an apartment always feel like I’m invading into someone’s property!
    Olga recently posted…London Pass Decoded: Is It Worth The Money?My Profile

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Olga! A lot of the rentals on the market right now are simply kept for renting out. They’re not really anyone’s home. I actually like the atmosphere of a home, rather than staying in a room that’s the same everywhere. It’s good we have choices!

  3. Hola Jolanta, casualmente he encontrado tu página casual traveler.
    Ha sido una sorpresa muy gratificante. Sobre todo porque es de gran ayuda este tipo de información para las personas viajeras.
    Veo que comentas las características del apartamento en Mérida y vuestra estancia. Y debo estarte agradecida por ello.
    Pero quiero puntualizar algunos aspectos que supones a las viviendas europeas y que me han hecho mucha gracia. jeje.
    Las viviendas aquí no son tan pequeñas como esta que tiene 40 m2 (mi casa tiene 150 m2, para 4 personas). Lo que ocurre es que en ese terreno no deberían haber edificado viviendas tan pequeñas, pero como estaba orientado para la plaza, el dueño decidió rentabilizarlo al máximo construyendo viviendas pequeñas para un uso temporal, no definitivo.
    Aunque cuando yo adquirí la vivienda ya estaba distribuida así, creo antes la cocina era abierta, la sala de estar-comedor ocupaba los que ahora son los dormitorios y lo que ahora es la sala-comedor era un solo dormitorio.
    Mi apartamento ideal no lo distribuiría así, pero claro, no tengo dinero para invertir en una reforma….
    Bueno Jolanta, de nuevo darte las gracias por tus amables comentarios y por esta página tan maravillosa. Si decides volver por Mérida ya sabes donde encontrarme. Besos.

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