Brands We Worked With

We started Casual Travelers to record our journeys, and to help other travelers decide whether a landmark, attraction, museum, or an accommodation are worth visiting.

If we received free tickets, or were guests of a company in exchange for a review, we fully disclosed that information at the end of the post.

That said, all of our comments are our true opinions of what we experienced, including both the positive and negative aspects. We do not accept assignments that we would not be excited to write about.

Below is a list of the brands we worked with in the past.

If you would like us to visit a location or review a product, and are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Vienna Tourist Board very kindly provided us with free tickets to several attractions during our trip to Vienna, Austria in July 2015. You can read about the places we visited in Vienna in the “Destinations > Europe > Austria” section.



Corning® Gorilla® Glass was one of the exhibitors at the WITS15 – Women in Travel Summit, and was looking for bloggers who would help them promote Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Instead of writing about the current uses of the glass in smartphones and how useful that might be to travelers who are bound to drop their phone sooner or later, I proposed a different spin on the article. You can read our take on Corning® Gorilla® Glass in “Nerding Out with My Son over Corning Gorilla Glass.”


Quebec City Tourism Office very kindly provided us with “passports” for the whole family that allowed us free access to various attractions and services in Quebec City. You can read about our May 2015 trip to Quebec City in the “Destinations > Canada > Quebec” section, which includes several articles we wrote after that trip.


logo of the Hahvahd Tour We reviewed The Hahvahd Tour, offered by Trademark Tours, for the Purewander blog (“Review: The Hahvahd Tour in Cambridge, MA“). The four of us received free tickets to join the tour, and even though we weren’t’ sure how the kids would react to a tour of a university campus, to our surprise both of them declared that it was fun!


Most of the events in the week-long Cambridge Science Festival, a celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math, are free, however, Cambridge Science Festival did provide Jolanta and her son with two free tickets to “Speaking of Einstein,” one of the few events for which there was an entrance fee. You can read about our experience at the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival in “What to do during the April Break? Go To the Cambridge Science Festival!

On Location Tours offered a free “Boston TV & Movie Sites Tour” to participants of Women in Travel Summit which in 2015 was held in Boston, Massachusetts. Jolanta participated in the free tour and reviewed it in “In the footsteps of movie stars: Boston TV & Movie Sites On Location Tour with Javier.”



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