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Flying from JetBlue Terminal 5 at the JFK Airport in NYC

What a difference a terminal makes! A few months ago, in December 2012, we traveled to Europe from terminal 1 at the JFK Airport. At that time, our tween son hunted far and wide for an available outlet to plug his electronics in, so that he wouldn’t waste the battery.

At JetBlue’s terminal 5, there are outlets galore in the section with long tables especially designed for plugging in.

The terminal also has free Wi-Fi – which was very welcome by my “plugged in” family.

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Sightseeing in London? Use public transportation

If you’re visiting London on a budget, skip the expensive hop-on hop-off tours and just buy yourself a London Travelcard which you can use not only on the Underground but also on the famous London double-decker buses, and you can see quite a bit of the city that way, especially if you manage to get seats right in front on the upper level.

London seems to have two options to buy tickets for public transportation – Oyster Cards and Travelcards, and the very well-designed London Transport site has a very handy page explaining the differences between the Oyster cards and the Travelcard.

London Tube map

Since the fee to buy an Oyster card is £3.00, we thought getting Travelcards on the couple of days we were sightseeing would a better option for the four of us, since we’d have to pay £12.00 just for the cards.

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