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We’re not really a “Family” Travel Blog, are we?

I’ve been following various travel blogs for a few months now, and realized that while we travel with our kids, ours is not really a family travel blog. Is it?

First of all, our name is wrong.

It looks like most “family blogs” include the word “kid,” “mom,” or “family” somewhere in the title.

We’re simply “Casual Travelers.”

Also, most family travel blogs (though not all) tend to post articles about planning beach vacations, best ways to entertain kids on the airplane, or list most kid-friendly restaurants in a given city.

In other words, most family travel blogs are, in general, very kid-centric.

We don’t do that either.

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Liebster Awards, or as I’ve been calling it #blogspotlight

liebster award
liebster award

A few days ago, BEATRAVELING posted “And the Liebster Award Goes to…ME 🙂,” in which she nominated me and a few other bloggers for the Liebster Award.


Mind you, BEATRAVELING’s web site is a bit deceptive, because when you first look at it, you might think there’s not much there. But just go to the drop down list of “Countries” in the right hand column, and you’ll see this girl has been all over the world!

I’ve never heard of the Liebster Award, but since it involves talking about myself, and about my favorite overlooked blogs… hey, why not? right?

The rules for the award are:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, with a link back to his/her blog
2) Answer the 11 questions your nominator asks you
3) Nominate 5–11 bloggers with under 500 Twitter followers
4) Create 11 questions for your nominees
5) Display the Liebster Award logo on your page
6) List these 6 rules in your blog post

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