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Make time on September 16, 2015 for #AskACurator Day

Those of you who have been following museums on Twitter for a while might remember that September 17, 2014 was a #AskACurator Day, organized by @MarDixon.

As @MarDixon’s site says

What is Ask a Curator? It’s a way to talk to curators and people who work in cultural venues you normally don’t have access to.

Basically, the curators from all around the world get on Twitter and answer people’s questions, and if you follow the hashtag #AskACurator you’ll see the full feed of all the questions and answers.

The 2015 #AskACurator day, by the way, will be held pretty soon – on September 16 – so put that date on your calendar if you love museums!


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We’re not really a “Family” Travel Blog, are we?

I’ve been following various travel blogs for a few months now, and realized that while we travel with our kids, ours is not really a family travel blog. Is it?

First of all, our name is wrong.

It looks like most “family blogs” include the word “kid,” “mom,” or “family” somewhere in the title.

We’re simply “Casual Travelers.”

Also, most family travel blogs (though not all) tend to post articles about planning beach vacations, best ways to entertain kids on the airplane, or list most kid-friendly restaurants in a given city.

In other words, most family travel blogs are, in general, very kid-centric.

We don’t do that either.

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